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Episode #8 – Judith McGeary and The Texas Legislative Process

11 Mar

Image from Texas Observer

Join TXYFC, as we dive into the Texas legislative process with Judith McGeary, director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA). Judith has been working for years to create and pass legislation that helps promote and support small farms in Texas and beyond. On Episode #8, Judith walks us through, step by step,  how the Texas Cottage Law – House Bill 970, put forth by FARFA – was passed into law. From conception of the bill in the farming community, to finding a legislative sponsor, to passing through various committees at the Texas capital, to finally becoming law. It’s a fascinating process, filled with priceless tips on how to make the legislative process work for small farms. Take a listen, and get learned!

Music on this episode: Eric Lau, Dirty Art Club, Lushlife, an Death in Vegas

Episode #7 – Amy and Shaun Jones of A+S Farm

11 Dec

Shaun and Amy Jones-small

Here it is! Episode #7 features A+S Farm, based out of Moulton, TX. Shaun and Amy Jones raise heritage Gulf Coast Sheep for meat, utilizing an intensive pasture management system called “Mob Grazing”. We dive into the details on this, as well as the nitty gritty of moving from an urban setting to a rural one, with tips on how to get out into the country as painlessly as possible. They are making it happen super legit style – much to learn from these trailblazers!

Music on today’s show by: Tsutchie, Gold Panda, Tycho, Kodomo, Old Regular Baptists, and Zorch

Episode #6 – TXYFC Farm Panel Discussion

14 Nov


Well then! A special episode of This Is The Farm! We air a farmer panel discussion recorded LIVE at Green Gate Farms in Austin, TX. We discuss what local food distribution currently looks like in Central Texas, and how we can improve upon it. The panel line up includes:

Nathan Heath of Phoenix Farm, Bastrop, TX
Tim Miller of Millberg Farm, Kyle, TX
Sue Beckwith of the City of Elgin, TX
Jake Carter of Moontower Coop, Austin, TX

Music on the show: Dosh and Nujabes

Episode #5 – Brad Stufflebeam of Home Sweet Farm

21 Sep


On Episode #5, we talk with Brad Stufflebeam of Home Sweet Farm out of Brenham, TX. Home Sweet Farm is unique, in that they not only own and operate a highly diversified farm – fruits, veggies, and animals – but work cooperatively with other farmers in the area to help distribute their goods through Home Sweet Farm’s CSA (300+ strong) and retail storefront. Brad is truly a jack of all trades, with lots of practical advice, tips, and stories to share. Real talk!

Music on this show: The Foreign Exchange, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Dan Deacon, William Basinski, Sabzi

Episode #4 – Marysol Valle and Jeff Wiley of Fat Frog Farm

6 Jun


Marysol Valle and Jeff Wiley of Fat Frog Farm enlighten us with their wisdom on this installment of This Is The Farm. Marysol and Jeff have extensive experience growing fruits and vegetables, as well as raising cattle. They’ve been through many trials and tribulations, and bring light to many of the successes and problems they’ve encountered on their various farming adventures. Starting farms from scratch, investing in infrastructure, speculating on how policy can encourage more new and young farmers, tips on how to grow better fruits and veggies, and so much more. Serious Knowledge.

Music on this show: Dana Falconberry, White+, Bondax, and Steve Reich

Episode #3 – Tim Miller

27 Mar



We interview Tim Miller of Millberg Farm. Located in Kyle, TX. Tim utilizes ultra intense cultivation practices on his 5 acre plot of land, and shares his deep and varied knowledge with us liberally. He practices sustainability on social, economic, and environmental levels – really and actually! He’s also a really good seed saver. And a good teacher. And is filled with enthusiasm. And has lots of practical tips!

Excellent music on this episode by: Lemon Jelly, Zorch, Daedelus, Sabzi

Episode #2 – Eric Herm

3 Mar

Eric Herm graces This Is The Farm with his presence on this episode. Eric is a 4th generation cotton farmer in West Texas, where it doesn’t rain too often and growing conditions can get grim. Yet, he manages to maintain an exceptionally clear and vivid world view in which both his farming and lifestyle mesh together into a beautiful whole. Eric is filled with young farmer know-how, insights into the spiritual side of farming, and how to stay ever-positive in the face of amazing adversity. Listen in, and get your ears ready for some serious inspiration.

This Is The Farm. Podcast #1 – Cardos Farm Project

3 Feb


Join Amanda Austin of Cardos Farm Project and your host, Evan Driscoll, for the first installment of This Is The Farm, a monthly podcast. We talk about starting her farm, running said farm, and planning ahead for the future. Education workshops are also on the bill. Amanda knows what’s the what for sure, so please commit your ears for 20 minutes or so.